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A line scribble game: find the picture

In today’s post I’m going to share one of my favorite games. I love it because it’s simple, all you need is paper and something to draw with, you can play it almost anywhere, and it takes as long as you want to.

The way we play it involves two or more people. One person makes some line scribbles, completely random but not crowded (unless you’ve got a younger kid, then watch those scribbles fly). They give it to the other person to “find” a picture in it. Once the second player finds a picture, it’s their turn to make a random line scribble and give it back to the first player.

To find the picture, you can turn the scribbles around and look until you find something you like. Then you reinforce the picture by making its outlines darker, going over the original lines one more time, and adding details (such as eyes on a face, shading, whatever you want). If you have something to color with, go ahead, it makes it even easier to see what you found.

random line scribbles to find a picture within
One of the original scribbles. Can you find something here?
Look, it's a ninja birdie in pursuit of a spaceship
Look, it’s a ninja birdie in pursuit of a spaceship
Even Little Red Riding Hood made an appearance
Even Little Red Riding Hood made an appearance
random line scribbles and an octopus
A very happy octopus

Hope you have as much fun with this one as we do!


Characters straight out of a magazine

This is the second post of the Creative Outburst Fiesta, and it was a blast for us to do.

Got some old magazines? Catalogues or ads in the mail? Let’s cut ’em up and put ’em to good use.

You want to find pictures with clean areas without patterns or text. Then you and the kiddos can add whatever you like on them with markers or pen and make your own collage or story. Simple and fun.

making magazine collages
Let’s make some friends out of magazine photos

This activity is highly customizable. We used old magazines and catalogues we got in the mail, but you can find a picture online and print it instead. Or you can take a picture with your camera of things you find around you (veggies and fruit are great for this) and print it on regular paper too.

Have fun and as always, we’d love to see your results.

When you’re a mom of toddlers (survival tip)

Little kiddies running around can bring you a lot of joy. And messes to clean up. And time sucking chores (like laundry). And noise…

I love my kids with all my heart, but sometimes I need to regroup. So I find my quiet, my place of refuge and meditation. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. For me? It’s organizing bookshelves. It brings me back to serenity.

What about you? How do you find your peace in chaos?


Even in their noisiest, they find a way to inspire me. Go figure.