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Nature collage (a real stickman)

Welcome to our first post in the Creative Outburst Fiesta! I am so excited to have you here with us. Yes, with us, as there will be a few awesome guest bloggers coming in as well to share their inspired ideas. There will be crafting, playing, and of course eating.

This blogging fiesta has only one purpose: to share ideas for you to interact creatively with the kiddos in your lives. No fuss, no huge amount of preparation. Just simple and fun activities that will keep you all entertained (yes!) and playing with each other. Just remember one thing: it’s all about the process. Have fun and don’t stress!

Enough talking. Let’s go for a walk, because today’s idea begins outside.

This is an old, tried-and-true idea, but it was Pippi Longstocking that brought it back for me (Chapter 2 “Pippi is a Thing-Searcher and Gets into a Fight”).

Just like Pippi, we can go outside and become thing-searchers for fun, especially at this time of year. As both my girls and I walked, we’d find a leaf or an unusual rock and invent a name and use for it. Then we collected a few items and took them home. We placed our collection on a table, then tried to make something out of it. Of course, as it’s usually the case for us, it became a person. But you don’t have to make a stickman. It can be a structure, a nature scene on a bowl (we’ve done that before too), or anything really.

It’s all about the process, not the product.

creativity for kids using natural materials found on a walk
The making of a stickman

I’d love to see any creations you come up with!