Who is Mrs Ricefield


Hello, friend! It is truly lovely to see you. Welcome to Mrs Ricefield’s website and blog, where I share my work and news.

Currently living in Portland, OR, I got to where I am in both life and art through a long and winding trail. I guess many trails lead to Oregon, eh Lewis and Clark?

I love to paint and draw. I love to read. I’m inspired by the children that surround me and our playtime. Put all that together in a large saucepan, mix it up well, let it simmer for a few hours, and boom. The cage doors bust open and out comes a whole world of stories and characters. Many worlds are unleashed in fact; each time my children and I talk about them, they change.

I like to paint characters with stories, born out of pretend play, a book we’re reading, and sometimes even a crack on a tree. I like art that’s quirky, whimsical, sometimes a little funny, and sometimes a little strange. But I still like vanilla ice cream.

My hope is to give my work life so that you and the children in your life will be inspired to create your own make believe world and invite them into it.


ps.: in case you’re wondering where “Mrs Ricefield” comes from, one of the characters for my (Japanese) husband’s last name means rice field. The other means pond, but “Mrs Ricefield next to a Pond” just didn’t sound right…