I am Mom giveaway

Moms are hard on themselves. Too hard.

I am Mom is a project started by Alicja Burnette, a great photographer, to encourage moms to tell their stories without fear and to support one another. Judgment gets checked at the door.

I’m proud to say that I have a prize package that will be given away to support the I am Mom project. Here’s what you get:

I am Mom giveaway package with free goodies from Mrs Ricefield

* A Penguinaldo poster with a booklet of activities for the kiddo

* A set of my customizable note cards along with markers and stickers to decorate it

* An exclusive painting for the I am Mom project (Lioness and cub)

* A small tote bag with a reproduction of the painting.

That’s a lot of good stuff. There are more amazing prizes too, from a variety of business. You need to check this out and show some support for moms of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds. Because it really takes a village. Let’s build it.


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